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    One of the most popular desktop Bitcoin wallets is Electrum that is compatible with various types of operating platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac. Electrum was developed by a German computer scientist, and it was created to be efficient and lightweight.


    In recent years, numerous developers have contributed to Electrum’s source code by making it the most trusted cryptocurrency wallet that is available today. Even though many cryptocurrencies are joining the crypto space every day, the main focus of Electrum is Bitcoin, and it ensures that the platform functions efficiently and speedily.

    One feature of Electrum is its integration with major hardware wallets like KeepKey, TREZOR Model T, and Ledger Nano S.


    Features of Electrum Wallet

    Here are the few features of Electrum :-

    • Electrum offers full control of the user’s private keys, and it is heavily encrypted and stored in the user’s computer. In this way, it is safe and secure for the users, and the keys are never shared with the servers of Electrum. Moreover, the users can export their private keys offline and use them with other Bitcoin clients. Hence, no user is locked to use only Electrum.
    • Electrum is fast, and the user doesn’t need to download the entire blockchain.
    • If anything goes wrong with the computer, the user need not worry. The funds can be recovered through a secret recovery phrase provided to the user when installing and setting up their Electrum wallet.
    • The transactions carried out in the Electrum wallet are verified by using SPV (Simple Payment Verification). Electrum offers cold storage, and the private keys of the users are stored offline.
    • The users can store their Bitcoin in Multisig wallets, and they can split the permission to spend their Bitcoins.
    • The most important feature of Electrum is their servers are redundant and decentralized; this means the wallets always run without any downtime. Electrum is open-source, and professionals have screened its QR code. Besides, it is highly resistant to any failure.
    • Electrum supports hardware wallet integration with some major hardware wallets, such as Ledger-Nano S, Keepkey, and TREZOR.